Tears in Smile

Sometimes I smile to avoid tears.

Most of the time tears are hidden in my smile.


Khaamoshi ki Awaaj

Aaj phir ek awaaj gunji hai,

Usake Haste hue chehare par khaamoshi chaahyi hai,

Beete hue lamho ke yaado ki baarat sajaaye,

Aaj phir usake chahare ki khaamoshi gungunaai hai.


Jeene ki ummid liye phir wo aaj aayi hai,

Har lamho ko aaj phir usane aajamaayi hai,

Jo kuch samajh aaya use , use dil me rakh,

Aaj phir usake chehare ki khaamosi muskurai hai.


Mai stabh tha use dekh,

Usaki khaamoshi,

Usaki jhilmilati aakhe,

Usake daat se dabe hoth,

Usake kaapate hue vadan,

Bas yahi bayaan kar rahe the,

Aaj phir usaki khaamoshi ne usaki aawaaj dabaai hai.


Ek ehsaas man me jaaga,

Kuch to irada hogaa,

Kuch to karisma hoga,

Khamoshi ki awaaj

Kabhi to jamaane ko samajh aayegi.

Khamoshi me apane sapano ko sajaate hue,

Hasin lamho ko muskuraate hue,

Gamo ko daato se dabaate hue,

Mujhase kaha mere dost yahi meri zindagi hai,

Ye baat tumhe kab samajh aayegi.


Ham khud se ab darate hai,

Ham khudai se muh morate hai,

Vicharo ki dhara ko nazarandaaz kar,

Ham zindagi ki nav khevate hai,

Aur khaamosi ko awaaj ka naam de,

Ek izaat ki zindagi zeete hai.

Ham khaamosh rahate hai,

Jab koi bachha sarak par rota hai,

Ham khaamosh rahate hai,

Jab koi nange vadan thand me sota hai,

Ham khaamosh rahate hai ,

Jab beti kharidi jaati hai,

Ham khamosh rahate hai,

Jab izzat luti jaati hai,

Kyoki ,

Ye sab hamaare paas ki gali me hota hai.

Ham tab tak khaamosh rahate hai,

Jab tak koi hamaare aangan me aake na roye,

Hammare ghar ke aangan me nanga na soye,

Hamaare ghar ki dahleez ko na phaane,

Aur jab tak hamaari zindagi na maange.

Hamaari khaamoshi ek awaaj ban andar dabi rah jaati hai.


Aur roti hui vo apani aawaaj ko dabaaye,

Khaamosh yah sochati rah jaati hai,

Kya khushnaseeb hoti meri ye dharaa,

Agar har dil ek dusare ki dhdkan ko samajhata,

Rangeen ho jaati meri ye aanchal,

Agar har pal ek indradhanush yaha banata.

Aur har dil yah gungunata,

Saare jahaa se achha, Hindustan hamaara,

Ham bul bule hai isake , ye gulsita hamaara.

Because he is a feeling-less man

Its hard to believe,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
But he has to believe,
Its hard to tolerate,
But he has to tolerate,
Because he is a feeling-less man.

He gets hurt,
But no right to cry,
He gets pain,
But no right to shout,
Because he is a feeling-less man.

He knows she is wrong,
He knows she is hurting,
But he has to smile,
Because he is a feeling-less man.

He walks on road,
She judge him as rowdy,
He smiles on her,
She judge him as flirt,
Just because he is a feeling-less man.

Its so hard to believe the past,
move in present with hope,
that future will be fine.
But still he has to move because
He is feeling-less man.

She cares for him most ,
But she has other things to care more.
He is most important in her life,
But something else is important more,
She declares she is right,
Because he is feeling-less man.

She does not like if he ignores her,
But she has full right to ignore him,
She doesn’t like if he talks freely to someone,
But she can talk to anyone as she wish.
All comes as pure relation if,
She is initiator.
She is always right,
Because he is feeling-less man.

If initiator is she,
Her touch is brotherhood,
Even if its physical.
If initiator is he,
Its flirt,
Even touch is emotional or psychological.
He is always wrong
Because he is feeling-less man.

Every where every moment
He is wrong
Because he is feeling-less man.

He does not have sorrow,
because he is never hurt,
He is never sad,
Because he does not have feeling.
He is just a robot,
Supposed to do whatever she thinks,
Supposed to act as she wants,
Supposed to do whatever she wish,
Because he is just a feeling-less man.

He is not a body of metal,
He also has heart,
He also feels pain,
He is also hurt,
Give him your space to cry,
Fell his pain,
Try to understand his heart,
He may have more pain than you,
He may have suffered more than you,
To comfort you, To make you smile,
He is not always wrong, He may have right point.
Because he is not just a feeling less man

Listen to him, Understand him, then act on him,
He is full of emotion,
He has tears,
He has pain,
Try to share that,
then only we can say
We have analyzed the past,
Survived in present,
To make better future.
Because no one is feeling-less.

No Tears = No Pain – A Theory of Developed World

DIGITAL IMAGEIn social term tears in eyes are a sign of sadness , pain or sometimes extreme happiness.  But mostly it is sign of sadness or pain.

  • If got hurt – Tears ;
  • If sad – Tears ;
  • If in Pain – Tears.

But is it possible that

  • A person is in Pain but NO Tears ?
  • Person is Sad but NO Tears ?
  • Person is  Hurt but NO Tears ?.

Yes, Tears can be sign of extreme emotion but can not be only sign of those emotions.

I am hurt but no tears .. Never mean I am not hurt.

I am sad but no tears.. Never mean I am not sad.

I cry , I am sad , I am hurt but may be I don’t want someone to feel that I am hurt or I am sad or I am in pain.

Before pretending or commenting regarding anyone condition try to understand the situation behind the curtain.  You may not have idea regarding his problem / Situation / Pain.

In this lovely world no one wants any extra problem because already he/she has a bundle of responsibilities, duties and challenges in life. No one wants something extra. If he/she is not able to follow some normal routine then must be something wrong with his/ her daily schedules.

We always see life from our side. But whenever we are interacting with someone or trying get in to someone’s life or trying to bring someone in our life , its advisable to see life from both side – Your side and His / Her side. We should not wait to see the tears in their eyes to understand the situation.

No question you may have your own justification but may be that person in front of you may have better justification for his / Her behaviour.

Follow the series

Listen –> Think –> Judge –> Act

If you change a single step , may lead to wrong action. You may not feel anything wrong that time, but may have to suffer on long term.

Tensed Mind & Hurt Heart:  Chilly Powder on Wound

Its really nice to be a part of some partner in life but with that we get a package of responsibilities as well as restrictions. And Same we expect from the other side. 
Sometimes our restrictions restrict some part of enjoyment of our partner and that point is where there is need of understanding. Because without that,  life may come out in horrible dish which you know that you dont like but you have to take. 

It becomes more bitter if you have already many things in your heart which keep killing you each and every moment. Over those if you face such situation it comes out as chilly powder on wound. 

Today was something same. I got some chilly powder on my wound. But will dressup my wound soon,  because without understanding the life u cant live happily.